The artists

Tessa​ Ratuszynska 

Tessa is an artist working in Documentary, Film and Installation, and a Creative Producer for VR and AR experiences, interactive games, performance, installation and immersive digital live art events.

Currently, Tessa is doctoral researcher at the University of the West of Scotland, part of the UWS Immersive research group. Tessa also works as a curator for VR and independently programmes VR for national and international exhibitions at film and arts festivals. In all her work Tessa is concerned with skill sharing, representation, inclusivity and accessibility for audiences and makers within the VR and the immersive media landscape.

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Fi Nicholson

Fi is a 360 / VR Filmmaker, an enthusiast for narrative storytelling and artist-led experimentation in VR, MR, and games. Fi has worked with creators such as Surround Vision, Visualise, Parable VR, Sky VR, and Mammalian Diving Reflex on 360 film productions. Often Fi can be found collaborating with Limina Immersive on exhibitioning content to audiences in VR Theatres, or at festivals around the world. Previously she was employed as the Bristol Theatre's Assistant Deputy Manager.

Currently on tour with the Limina Team on their Cirque Du Soleil screenings around the UK. Book online  here and see if they are coming to your city soon.

Fiona is interested in VR's ability to reveal the neurodivergent experience and to give voices to marginalised practitioners and audiences.

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Isla Badenoch

Isla is an emerging documentary filmmaker, a creative producer and established visual artist. Isla has an MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has exhibited her projects both in the UK and internationally. Isla has worked for a diverse variety of creative industries; from programming film festival Sheffield Doc/Fest, writing articles for The Guardian to scripting audio trails for National Heritage sites across the UK.

Isla has developed several international documentary films on subjects ranging from religious tolerance in Sierra Leone, the Danish UN General Secretary, families surviving baby loss and pub closures in rural parts of the UK. Having been awarded funding in the UK and Denmark, her filmmaking and Virtual Reality projects focus on mental health, youth culture, LGBT gender identity and human rights issues.

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Freya is an indie game developer, musician and VR busybody. Following a BA in Creative Recording in Brighton, she has recording studio lead &/or assistant credits on a couple of albums by UK artists ranging from chart pop to avant-garde. Her narrative games work has been exhibited at multiple locations and events, including AdventureX 2018 & 2019, Wordplay 2018 & 2019, the National Videogame Museum, and London Southbank University. In 2019 she joined Limina Immersive for the launch of their VR Theatre, which she managed for 6 months alongside pop-up events, film festivals, and talks on responsible exhibition practices for VR screenings.

Freya likes to create subdued or understated work, rather than pushing a medium to its full potential for emotional devastation, and to include themes of hopefulness, comfort and LGBTQ representation. She particularly enjoys finding new uses for old technology, embracing rough edges and analogue character, and believes strongly in creating work that is financially & technologically accessible.

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