The UK's first virtual reality arts theatre is opening in Bristol

The OthVR's are happy to support Limina Immersive's new VR Theatre that has sprung open into the world as of last month. Many of OthVR's members and workshop attendees are well-acquainted with Limina, many having previously worked with the company as hosts for pop-up events, or even in production and management of the space.

We're really happy to spread more coverage of VR itself as a medium to the public and a wider community, and the theatre is the no.1 way to do this!

Go check it out if you're curious to know more.

Here's an excerpt from Bristol's Post article on the Theatre :


" The facility will enable people to 'step on stage with Cirque du Soleil’s performers and trip on mind-bending visuals'

Limina: The Virtual Reality Theatre is being opened by Bristol-based immersive media curators Limina VR and will be located next door to the multi-arts venue on Bristol's Harbourside.

The VR theatre experience will be presented in a 'shared, relaxed, seated environment' according to the the team behind it, and it will be suitable for ages from 13 and above.

They add the programme is designed to be the 'perfect for a day or night out with friends or family', with some of the most groundbreaking VR work to date being screened including experiences from Cirque Du Soleil, The Guardian, Colston Hall, Welsh National Opera and natural history pioneers Biome Productions.

'Amazing VR experiences'

Limina’s CEO Catherine Allen said: “There is so much incredible, breathtaking, creative and cultural virtual reality out there.

"It is an art form in its own right. The trouble for audiences is this new medium is very hard to see at home unless you have your own virtual reality headset and know what to look for."