Edinburgh International Film Festival invited THE OTHVRS to facilitate a hands-on owrkshop at EIFF Youth HQ.

Together with the EIFF Youth, we learnt about the basics of VR; we found the rules, broke the rules, and co-created together. The narrative-led piece was produced and shot in just one day by the team in St John's Church.

The final film was screened to audiences on the 29th June 2019.

Submerge: Bristol International Digital Arts Festival took place 1st - 10th March 2019 featuring diverse artists and musicians working at the edges of digital arts, electronic music and live performance. 

In these sessions we explored the potential transformative experiences have, and how to use virtual reality as a space to explore new ways of connecting with others, using the backdrop of the immersive experiences at Submerge. 

Intimate and emotional stories inside VR: a free and informal workshop for everyone and anyone. Explore the medium's unique abilities to capture intimacy and emotion.

Looking into the specific Personal and Confessional nature of VR, and its ability to give space to witness the accounts of others.


The group got to know some key works, discuss VR’s unique emotional impact as a medium, and make a Lo-Fi VR experience themselves.

Let's talk about our gripes and reservations about VR. We explore this conversation and critique of the modern generation of headsets, with our pop-up photography studio for Brighton Digital Festival 2019.

From tight Velcro straps that can be a nightmare for those with natural hair, ponytails, and traditional or religious headwear, to unresolved concerns about hygiene, make up, glasses fogging up, eye-line and head and neck weight-loading for different bodies, the current generation of headsets are giving many people the impression that VR is simply ‘not for them’.

See Gallery here

QIFF (Scottish Queer International Film Festival) was formed with the aim of adding to the exciting and growing amount of queer film stuff happening around Scotland. 

THE OTHVRS projects were screened alongside some amazing VR heavyweights. We got to embrace the benefits of hearing positive feedback in-person from audiences then-and-there.

THE OTHVRS run topic-based series' of Workshops developed to be accessible and inclusive to  underrepresented newcomers to VR and 360 film. The workshops aims are often to demystify and democratise the tech and explore new forms within the medium.

These workshops are based in The Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio.

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The Limina VR Theatre hosted a special curation from THE OTHVRS co-founder Tessa Ratuszynka for Pride Month in Bristol July 2019.

If you've missed the screenings you can watch and read about some of the curation online:

Virtual Drag 

Authentically Us

Through Darcelle's Eyes

We were honoured to be invited to the gorgeous city of Riga for this years brand new Riga IFF Goes VR program at the International Film Festival, and to Riga Digital Forum, a new technology film festival located at RISEBA, a University of Business, Art and Technology.

THE OTHVRS delivered two talks at the venues during our stay.

The following day, Tess and Fi joined Riga IFF, the Wims, and Alex again as mentors and judges for the 24-hour Hackathon.


GIMME ONE is a virtual reality documentary experience telling the story of five members of the UK ballroom community which examine ideas around cultural appropriation, the preservation of safe spaces and the power of identity and self-expression.


The documentary listens to the burgeoning UK community of this international movement as they explore sexuality and gender through dance. Their self-expression is seen through dance using digital volumetric and motion capture techniques, visualising the unique voices of this vibrant subculture.

In association with THE OTHVRS

Screened at

DOK Neuland exhibition at DOK Leipzig 2020

BFI LFF Expanded 2020

Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá BOGO SHORTS 2020

Coverage of the 50th anniversary of the beloved St Pauls Carnival in Bristol in 360 degrees - Wade through the crowds and experience the unique and vibrant culture and atmosphere the festival brings to the city.

Captured for historical purposes and shot by members of THE OTHVRS June Workshops. This shoot was an outcome of a series of "Liveness & VR" workshops.

Watch it here.

Sit atop Ladye Bay and enjoy the view as Freya narrates the classic retelling of Little Red Cap by the Brothers Grimm.

Made for the "LOROS VR For Good competition", Little Red Cap is a meditative experience, designed with those in mind watching from home, a hospice, or a hospital environment. 

Watch it here.

'Paranormal Anxiety' is a supernatural and experimental piece, externalising the internalised world of our narrator, as she spends a long night in a strange bed.


Made exclusively for Veer TV's #ThroughHerLens event, this project was produced, shot, and edited in two days.

Watch it here.

A collaborative group working towards inclusivity and accessibility for artists in the VR / AR / XR industries.

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